Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-2


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Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-2

The Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-2 is an accurate micro-computer controlled, two channel dosing pump. The DP-2 is used to automatically dose a variety of elements into your aquarium, such as calcium, trace elements, magnesium, strontium, kalkwasser, or any other liquid additive.

A built-in storage memory will save your settings in case of a power outage. Uses high-quality medical grade rubber hoses in the dosing heads which are driven by 2 high-torque motors that are quiet and durable. The control panel is water-proof with a back-lit LCD display and programming is simple and clear.


Size (cm): 17 x 11 x 6.5 cm
Flow Rate: 1 – 9999ML per pump
Cycles per Day: 24
Accuracy: +- 3%
Voltage: AC240V 50/60Hz – DC12V 1A

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