MarcoRocks E-Marco-400 Mortar Purple


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MarcoRocks E-Marco-400 Mortar Purple

100% Non-Toxic – Triton ICP Tested

Have you ever wondered how they make those remarkable aquascape structures? MarcoRocks E-Marco-400 Aquascaping Kit is how!

The kit includes everything you will need to create your own mortar that is specially modified to keep the joints from becoming brittle in saltwater. The cement, once mixed will turn into a paste-like consistency that you can then use to bond live rock together to create a permanent, long-lasting bond. Using a cement mortar can have its advantages over other adhesives, most notably the way coralline algae spreads onto the rocks. Many types of glues, epoxies, and other polymer based adhesives will actually repel coralline algae coverage, where MarcoRocks E-Marco-400 allows the coralline algae to grow naturally making the seams disappear much faster than other methods.

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Ideal for larger reef aquascapes
More economical than other adhesives
Sets in 20 minutes
Cures underwater
2-hour handle time


Purple – Cures into a light purple color that is ideal for use with rock that has coralline algae or dru purple rock.

What’s Included?

5lbs Purple E-Marco-400 Complete Mortar Kit
1x Mixing Spatula
1x Liquid Polymer Additive