Mushroom Fountain Nozzle Large


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Mushroom Fountain Nozzle Large

This quality brass Mushroom Fountain Nozzle Large sprays a water film shaped like a transparent mushroom.  A uniform water film is achieved in the absence of wind with little noise and adjusting the top cap will vary the spray pattern.

The adjustable Mushroom Fountain Nozzle Large is widely used in musical fountains, ponds and water gardens.  It achieves spectacular effects popularly used in commercial and architectural fountains.

The easy installation only requires PVC pipe and fittings to attach it to a submersible pump.  Performance of fountain nozzles is directly affected by the pumps flow rate so a higher flow rate will produce higher and wider spray patterns.  To achieve best results regulate the water at the same time as adjusting the top cap to change the spray pattern.


Length: 135 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
Inlet: 25mm Female thread
Operating Pressure (KPa): 5-8
Flow (m3/h): 2
Jet Height (cm): 25
Covering Diameter (cm): 60