NP Reducing BioPellets XL 250 ml


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NP Reducing BioPellets XL

The positive effects of NP Reducing BioPellets XL on water quality are based on the principle of immobilization. Waste products from the water, mainly nitrate and phosphate, are converted into bacteria which keeps the aquarium water clean. The new formula NP Reducing BioPellets are composed of 100 % pure biologically degradable polymers that can be placed in a reactor or filter canister. The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which will consume nitrate and phosphate simultaneously. The bacteria will use up the carbon from the BioPellets, whilst nitrogen and phosphorus are taken from the water as nitrate and phosphate. This conversion of organic BioPellets (together with inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus) into microbial biomass is called immobilization. In addition, anaerobic layers will develop, resulting in additional denitrification.

The surplus of bacteria will be consumed by filter feeding organisms such as sponges and corals, or skimmed off by a protein skimmer. On average this method takes 2-4 weeks to give rise to sufficient bacteria to allow nitrate and phosphate levels to drop. The main advantage of this method over using Vodka or sugar as a carbon source is that NP-reducing BioPellets stimulate local growth of bacteria in a filter compartment, instead of all over in the aquarium where they may clog up pipes and hoses. They also prevent the growth of cyanobacteria, as the bacteria growing on NP-reducing BioPellets will compete with these phototrophic nuisance microbes.

These XL BioPellets do not need to be fitted in a fluidised reactor nor need to be fluidised. Due to the shape of the pellets they can be fitted perfectly in to a canister filter. This is ideal for the smaller plug and play aquariums where there is no space for a reactor, or aquariums without a sump.

We would suggest adding the XL BioPellets at a ratio of 100-200 ml for every 100 litres of water and testing on a regular basis to confirm the effectiveness of the volume used.

Important Notes:

The use of NP Reducing BioPellets XL in marine aquariums must be accompanied by the use of a protein skimmer to export bacteria and assimilated nutrients.

The use of ozone and UV will negatively affect bacteria growth and consumption of the BioPellets and increase the maturation time of the reactor. We do not recommend using NP Reducing BioPellets XL with ozone or UV.

We recommend that you maintain sufficient water flow through the BioPellets to prevent the production of hydrogen sulphide gas which will kill the beneficial bacteria.

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