Pacific Sun Rotifier Reactor


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Pacific Sun Rotifier Reactor

Rotifiers and zooplankton cultivation unit

The Rotifier Reactor is a simple system for producing rotifiers and larger zooplankton strains. The base of the culture column is flared in a cone ended by a pipe and a valve to evacuate all the deposits and waste from the culture (molts, algae clumps, etc.).

The reactor cap has a vent allowing the reactor to “breathe”. The lower part of the reactor is equipped with a specially profiled cone to facilitate the collection of ready (mature) liquid as well as the removal of waste from the culture from the reactor chamber.

The reactor is also provided with 3 entries inserted into the lid to allow nutrients (micro-algae), air (bubbling) and culture medium for renewal.


Reactor allows you to acquire about 30% volume per day.
The Rotifier Reactor lid has 3 holes that you may use for:

  • Air supply – generate natural movement of water inside reactor (recommend a small pump with a capacity of 50-100l / min, not included)
  • Phytoplankton input – feeding for zooplankton
  • Fresh/saltwater input – for refilling reactor column with new water


Model: RR 70/150 medium size reactor
Capacity: 9.5 Litres
Size: 200x220x750mm