Replacement UV Lamp 36W 4-pin 2G11


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Replacement UV Lamp 36W 4-pin 2G11

The UV Lamp 36 Watt are 4-pin lamps with 2G11 base and is a low-pressure hot cathode germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) mercury arc lamps that is an effective tool for eliminating microorganisms such as virus, bacteria and algae in water.  Suitable for a variety of UV Sterilisers with the same power and base.


Power: 36 Watt UV
Output: @ optimum 254nm= 60 µW/cm2
Base: 2G11 with 4 pins
Lifespan: 8000 hours


  • Total Bulb length including plastic insert – 41.5 cm
  • Glass bulb width – 4 cm