Resun Air Compressor ACO-018A


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Resun Air Compressor ACO-018A

This Resun Air Compressor ACO-018A is convenient to operate with no oil lubricant needed.
The strong and durable cylinder and piston result in high pressure and energy saving. Widely used in fish farms, sea food restaurants and aquariums for oxygenation purpose. The pump comes with a 22 outlet plastic air manifold.

If you are looking for smaller pumps see our range or other Resun pumps like the LP-40 or AIR-1000, 3000 and 8000

Need a battery air pump for emergencies or transporting your fish, the Weipro CP-901 is a great option.


Volt :220-240V
Frequency :50Hz
Current: 2.3A
Pressure: 0.040Mpa
Air Flow: 200 L/min
Outlet Diameter:16mm

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