Seiryu Rock


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Seiryu Rock

Sold per kg.   As these are naturally occurring rock pieces, variations in size, colour and texture are expected. We will try to mix and match your chosen weight as closely as possible, but this can’t always be guaranteed!  We recommend choosing your rock in store to meet your aquascaping design.

Available for in store pickup only

Seiryu Rock is the Godfather of all stones and has been made famous through the work of Takashi Amano and his influence on aquascaping. The rock is bluish grey to black in nature with deep crevices and distinct white lines running through the stone. The craggy texture and endless details in these rocks allow anyone to easily create a natural-looking aquascape.

Seiryu Rock will affect the KH and GH balance in an aquarium to a small degree as it naturally releases carbonates and other minerals into the water.

Roughly one or two rocks that range from 3-4 inches each weighs 1kg. Rocks require rinsing prior to use.