sera Gravel – Choose From 7 Colours



sera Gravel

sera Gravel is CO2 proof with no influence to water parameters and does not tint the water. The small grain size provides excellent plant growth and the rounded edges of this natural gravel make it suitable for keeping bottom fish such as catfish.

sera Gravel is evaluated according to DIN 38415-6 / EN ISO 15088 by an independent institute and is proven to be pollutant free. It is therefore also suited for keeping and breeding sensitive animals.

Anthracite colored natural gravel (Ø 1 – 3 mm)

Beige colored natural gravel (Ø 2 – 4 mm)

Black colored gravel (Ø 2 – 3 mm)

Brown natural gravel (Ø 2 – 3 mm)

Gray colored gravel (Ø 2 – 3 mm)

Ocher colored natural gravel (Ø 0 – 2 mm)

White natural gravel (Ø 1 – 3 mm)

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Anthracite, Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, Ocher, White