sera Siporax MINI 130g


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sera Siporax MINI 130g

High performance filter medium especially for smaller aquariums

Sera Siporax mini was specially designed for small and compact filters. This filter medium ensures best water quality by optimal biological purification. Sera Siporax mini is suitable for every compact internal biofilter, external filter, trickle filter systems in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Unlike other filter rings available on the market, sera siporax consists of sintered glass. The unique material convinces due to a special three-dimensional pore structure. This allows maximum surface increase. At the same time, the fine pores provide ideal settling conditions for bacteria that break down pollutants. Since it is an interconnected system, the bacteria are permanently rinsed by water to break down pollutants with best possible efficiency. Furthermore, the unique pore array allows for self-purification and thus very long filter holding times.

1 liter of sera siporax mini provides as much settling area for filter bacteria as 34 liters of ceramic filter material and ensures over 200 liters of crystal clear and biologically pure aquarium water. One liter of Sera Sioprax mini has a effective area of 270 m² for settling bacteria.