Target Feeding Ring


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Target Feeding Ring

The Target Feeding Ring is a great low cost option to keep pellet, frozen, and flake food from going down your overflow or control the delivery of food to a localised area. By using a feeding ring, food will need to sink within the underwater chamber before it can exit which stops it spreading throughout the aquarium.   The fish are already waiting and since the food can’t drift very far, everything is eaten and the water will stay cleaner for longer.  An additional benefit is that you can observe and monitor your fish at the feeding station The Target Feeding Ring is mounted directly to the rim or rimless aquarium without the need of any suction cups or magnets.


For freshwater and saltwater
Fish Can be used for frozen, pellet, flake or freeze dried food.
Adjustable release and depth
Contains fish food to reduce waste
Maintains water quality
Corrals food in a contained area
2 in 1 rimless or rim mount


Mount Length: 10cm Feeder
Ring: 6cm diameter

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