USB Powered Air Pump


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USB Powered Air Pump

Having emergency equipment on hand can make all the difference when power outages occur or equipment fails. A USB powered air pump should be the top item on your list. This Air Pump runs off any USB battery or device with a USB port to supply 5VDC. A 20mm air stone and 100cm of tubing is supplied with the pump.

When using this pump during an emergency without filtration, do not place the air stone at the bottom of the tank as this will stir up the detritus which can be harmful. Run the air stone in the upper strata on the aquarium for circulation and oxygenation until the filters are running again.

USB powered air pumps can also be used when transporting fish to ensure the fish have plenty of oxygenation in the holding container

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Size 6.5cm x 3cm
Air Flow: 18 L/hr
1 Watt
Includes tubing and an air stone
1 meter USB cord