Flex Series 1in Random Flow Generator


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Flex Series 1in Random Flow Generator with 1in Modular Hose Fitting

Extremely Durable and Flexible Material Manufactured with a reef-safe TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)


RFG Flex Series Nozzle will fit genuine Loc-Line® brand modular hose but also adapt to fit other similar sized modular hose fittings. The RFG Flex Series is directly compatible with a wider range of aquariums and modular hose designs.


Made with a strong, extremely durable and flexible material, the RFG Flex Series won’t crack, it can’t break and has superior durability. It’s also extremely easy to clean, since most algae and bio films simply slide right off with minimal effort.

A Trusted Design

The RFG Flex Series maintains the patented design of the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle. The design continues to be trusted by aquarium hobbyists and aquatic industry users alike. The RFG Flex Series will build on this trust earned over the years by delivering a new level of durability, flexibility and an enhanced functionality.

Kit Includes:

Single Flex Series 1in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle