Waterbox Mesh Lid – DIY Kit A (600×600)


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Waterbox Mesh Lid – Kit A (600×600)

The Waterbox Mesh Lid DIY kit A is configurable to most Waterbox models 600mm wide and comes pre cut 600x600mm ready to assemble.  Used multiple kits for aquariums 1200 and 1800 long.  Use DIY Kit C for cutout options.  The aluminium sides are relatively easy to cut with a hacksaw or drop saw which gives you the option to assemble a lid for other aquarium sizes.

The Aquarium Mesh Lid System is an innovative, sleek way to keep fish safe and contained. Our unique system allows you to maintain a clean, modern look while effectively preventing fish from jumping out of the aquarium. The lid is constructed from high quality, extra-durable mesh material that stands up to long term use.

Our Aquarium Mesh Lid System provides exceptional protection for your aquarium inhabitants without compromising the aesthetics of your living space. It keeps your tank safe from curious pets or small children who might try to reach into the tank, while the mesh prevents escape attempts from determined jumpers. Additionally, the mesh lid ensures adequate oxygen exchange between your tank’s water and environment. With its ergonomic design and reliable construction, this product will provide years of dependable performance and lasting peace of mind for you as an aquarist.