Pumps and powerheads or wave makers are essential to create water movement in the aquarium.  In addition to water movement, pumps power filtration equipment and supply water to aquarium chillers, UV sterilizers and inline filter systems.  Pumps are also used to running sumps, wet/dry filters and refugiums.  Pumping water through reactors helps you get the most out of your carbon, GFO and biopellet filter media.  An aquarium pump can also replenish evaporated tank water as part of an auto top-off system or be used as an aquarium dosing pump to administer aquarium supplements or food.

Having adequate water movement in your aquarium is one of the keys to having a successful tank. Good water circulation keeps oxygen levels high and waste suspended so your aquarium filter can remove it from the tank. In reef aquariums, proper water flow delivers food to sessile organisms like corals and allows their waste to be swept way.

AquaRays carries the widest variety of pumps at affordable prices to meet your freshwater or saltwater aquarium needs.  This range includes quality external pumps, variable DC pumps from 1200 to 15000 l/hr, the well know King series pumps and the Resun SP series pumps.
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BM-T01 Dosing Pump

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