Growing healthy frags starts with having the proper fragging supplies on hand.  Aquarays carry a variety of Fragging Supplies that can greatly improve the beauty of your aquarium.

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6 inch Soft Tissue Scissors


These Medium Soft Tissue Curved Scissors are great for cutting soft corals and plant leaves to keep your tank looking great. Made with rust-resistant surgical steel and hand ground for the sharpest cut. Size 6 inch.


Aquarium Coral Glue – 2 x 5g


ISTA Instant Glue is suitable for saltwater or freshwater aquariums
Applied on dry or wet surfaces, or under water
Ideal for adhering decorations, plants, coral, and more
Completely safe for any of your aquarium inhabitants
This package contains 2 individual 5 gram tubes


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Coral Frag Shelf 13


This Coral Frag Shelf 11 is made of clear acrylic that keeps eyes on the corals and not the structure holding it


Dimensions (cm) – 16 x 14.5 x 4.5
Holds 13 plugs
2 Suction cups
Made of cast acrylic
7 Ceramic Plugs

DVH Fragsation 100ml for SPS and LPS Coral


DVH Fragsation is a reef safe, medical grade, polymer which melts at 61°C and consists of small off-white plastic granules. By heating these granules in hot water, the pellets form a transparent flexible material.  Fragsation is completely re-usable, allowing it to become flexible again once heated above 61°C.