Coral Fragging Kit


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4 Piece Coral Fragging Kit 

This 4 Piece Coral Fragging Kit will help you in the fine art of coral propagation making it remarkably simple for the reef keeper.  Precision made with stainless surgical steel in an attractive finish, this 4 Piece Coral Fragging Kit comes in a handy black storage case and includes:

1 X Coral Cutter, 190mm.

1 X Coral Soft Scissor, 150mm.

1 X Coral Tweezers Fine Tips, 120mm.

1 X Scalpel Handle No:3, with Three Blades. 

Coral propagation or coral fragging refers to the reproduction of corals. Eventually there comes a time for any reef enthusiast to look into coral fragging.

Fragging coral is an activity in which many reef keepers find enjoyment and are actively involved in. Fragging allows people to share frags with friends and other aquarists, while keeping the original colony.  Coral fragging is a sustainable practice in the hobby and it keeps our hobby going and growing.


Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, highly abrasive cleaners or detergents.

Rinse & Dry after every use.