Aquarium Maintenance will help maintain good water quality and keep your tank looking its best

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Algae Scraper and Gravel Rake


This Algae Scraper Gravel Rake when fully assembles is 52cm long and comes with a stainless steel blade and the cover that doubles as a gravel rake.

Blade holder
Two part aluminium shaft
Screw drive
2 spare blades
Convenient box

Aquarium Cover Holders


These Aquarium Cover Holders are sold in a pack of 4 holders and designed to fit over the rimless aquarium to hold glass or screen net cover.  Made from clear acrylic.

Size (mm): 55 x 40
Glass/Acrylic Thickness:  maximum 12mm

Aquarium Crab Trap


Do you have any pesky crabs in your aquarium or unwanted inhabitants that you struggle to catch?  Try this Aquarium Trap to remove them safely.

This aquarium trap features a one way moving curtain on one side, a funnel entrance on the other side and a bait hole on the top.

Size (cm): 15 x 7 x 6.5
One Way Curtain (cm): 7 x 6.5
Funnel Entrance: 20mm diameter

Aquarium Viewer and magnifier


The Aquarium Viewer Magnifier is an ingenious accessory that allows you to see through the surface of the water without the distortion of waves and magnify your view.  The 2x magnifying lens can be place in the surface viewer or used on its own through the side of you aquarium.

Acrylic Viewer 10cm diameter
Glass Lens 2x magnification

Boyu Aquarium Siphon and Cleaner


This Aquarium Siphon and Cleaner is designed not only for siphoning water from your tank quickly and efficiently but also for siphoning the dirt in and around the gravel within your aquarium fish tank landscape.

Innovative auto siphon pump, quick and easy to use
Flow control valve
Integrated gravel and fish strainer
6″ siphon tube Included plus 2 metres of tubing from siphon to end tap
Used in small to large aquarium tanks

Coral Box Magnet Scraper


The Coral Box Magnet Scraper easily removes those tough to remove spot algae, coralline algae, and other mineral deposits that can form on your aquarium glass or acrylic.  The dual action blade and in tank scrubber makes easy work of any stubborn algae obscuring your view.

Size (mm): 110 x 56 x 60

Double Ended Hose Brush


Brush Cleaner Kit is a handy cleaning tool suitable for cleaning aquarium waste from hoses, tubes/pipes and those hard to reach areas in filters.

Brush 1: 10cm x 2cm total length 30cm
Brush 2: 8cm x 1,5cm total length 19cm

JoesJuice Aiptasia Solution


JoesJuice Aiptasia Solution is preferred by professional marine aquarists and hobbyists around the world because it is reef safe, easy to use and delivers results in minutes.  Simply feed aiptasia and majano anemones a small amount of JoesJuice and watch the pesky aiptasia and majano anemones disappear for good!