Sometimes the inhabitants in our tanks become ill so they need help with medication to boost their immune system and reduce infection or disease to allow them to recover.

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Brightwell Aquatics Medicoral Coral Dip 30ml


MediCoral Coral Dip is safe for all varieties of corals and their allies, including colonial and solitary polyps.  Triple-acting formulation provides short and long term benefits to dipped corals

  1. Small-polyp Stony Corals: 7 – 10 minutes
  2. Large-polyp Stony Corals: 6 – 9 minutes
  3. Soft (“Leather”) Corals: 8 – 11 minutes
  4. Colonial and Solitary Polyps: 5 – 8 minutes
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Fauna Marin DINO X 250ml


Fauna Marin DINO X is a very strong and effective solution which removes any hairy or plague type algae growth and dinoflagellates in Reef Tanks. It treats algae outbreaks in reef aquariums without harming any corals.  Available in a 250ml bottle.