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Aquarium Hose Holder 8mm-16mm


The Aquarium Hose Holder is ideal for use with external filters, pumps or water change systems.  Firmly secures the hose into your aquarium and prevents kinks in the hose which slow or stop water flow. The holder secures to nearly all sizes of tanks up to 19mm thick.  Suitable for 8mm to 16mm hoses.

ASI Aquarium Sealant Black


ASI Aquarium Sealant Black for the fabrication of aquariums.  strong cohesive bonds to glass without the need of primers. non-toxic to fish.

High Modulus
Excellent tensile strength
Excellent primerless adhesion to glass
Bond unaffected by continuous immersion in water
Excellent clarity
10.2 fl.oz. (310g) cartridge

Blossom Fountain Nozzle Medium


This quality brass Fountain Nozzle Blossom creates a porous scattering of different water jet heights that give it the look of a flower arrangement. Length: 70 mm Diameter: 50 mm Inlet: 20mm Female thread Operating Pressure: 40 kpa Jet Height: 2m Covering Diameter: 2m

Dual 1/2 Loc-Line Flared Nozzle 1/2 inch NPT


The Dual Loc-Line Flared Nozzle 1/2 inch is very flexible and allows you to adjust your flow and circulate the water in multiple directions.

Water movement provides the following benefits:

  • Heat distribution
  • Increase oxygen dissolved in the water
  • Keep debris and particles suspended so they can be removed by mechanical filters
  • Currents offer resistance for fish to swim against