Adjustable 3 Tier Fountain Nozzle


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Adjustable 3 Tier Fountain Nozzle

Adjustable 3 Tier Fountain Nozzle is a medium to large size nozzle that provides attractive multi-stage water pattern. It creates a sparkling and unique triple-tiered effect of clear streams that are stable in wind. Each adjustable jet is fixed to a 3 layer disk, from the centre divided into high, medium and low levels.

The directional jets create a spray of water like an elegant flower blooming. This is a distinct nozzle that does not rely on water levels and is widely used in indoor and outdoor fountains for medium and large size displays.


Length: 142 mm
Diameter: 114 mm
Inlet: 25mm Female thread
Max Operating Pressure (KPa): 25-60
Flow (m3/h): 2.1–4.3
Jet Height (m): 1-4
Covering Diameter (m): 0.8-1.5