Bubbling Fountain Nozzle Small


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Bubbling Fountain Nozzle Small

This quality stainless steel Bubbling Fountain Nozzle creates an effect like a bubbling spring from which it gets its name Bubbling Fountain nozzle or also known as Universal Spring nozzle.  This nozzle is used in a wide range of ponds and fountains in homes, commercial and architectural fountains.  The bubbling is achieve as water and air from around the nozzle is drawn up and out through the top creating a wide lively fountain.

The easy installation only requires PVC pipe and fittings to attach it to a submersible pump.  Performance of fountain nozzles is directly affected by the pumps flow rate so a higher flow rate will produce higher and wider spray patterns.


Length: 105 mm
Diameter: 25 mm
Inlet: 20mm Male thread, 15mm Female threrad
Operating Pressure (KPa): 50-100
Flow (m3/h): 1.5-3
Jet Height (cm): 20-35
Covering Diameter (cm): 20-35cm