Clear 10 inch Refillable Cartridge


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Clear 10 inch Refillable Cartridge

The Clear 10 inch Refillable Cartridge is designed to fit into the 10 inch RO Housing.  This cartridge is most commonly used to hold colour changing DI resin which can be viewed through the clear cartridge to determine if the resin is exhausted.  Holds approximately 455 grams of DI resin.  The 10 inch Refillable Cartridge also holds other forms of filter media like GFO and carbon when used as a reactor.  Refill through the bottom screwin cap.

This housing is suitable for inside use and should not be placed in direct sunlight.  Includes a foam ring to hold the media in place and prevent it from tumbling.


Size (mm): Length 254 x Diameter 63.5
Material: Clear Plastic