The purpose of the reverse osmosis water filter systems is to produce water safe for the aquarium by removing chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and other contaminants from your home’s tap water.

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10 inch Transparent RO Housing


This Transparent 10 inch RO Housing is made from food grade plastic and connects with 1/4 inch ports.  The clear housing makes it easy to view when filters are dirty the double Buna O-rings prevents leakage at high pressures.

Size (mm): Length 300 x Top diameter 115 x Bottom diameter 85
Ports: 1/4 inch female BSP
Maximum pressure: 125psi, 8.8kg/cm2
Maximum temperature: 120F, 50 degrees Celsius
Burst Pressure Test: 500 psi

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Colour Changing DI Resin Refill


Colour Changing DI Resin will physically change colour to yellow as it becomes exhausted, allowing you to monitor the consumption of the DI resin and know when to change it out.  We recommend testing the TDS before and after the DI Resin to ensure its effectiveness and display early signs of the TDS creeping up through the DI resin.

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Coral Box 125 GPD 3 stage RO System


Small footprint of the unit makes it easy to place under cabinets or in limited spaces.
Sediment and Carbon cartridges are easy to replace.
Membrane Housing accepts standard 12 inch TFC Membrane Filter Cartridges.
Faucet Adaptor makes it easy to connect to standard Garden Hose Threads (GHT).
The 1/2 inch male threaded fitting allows you to connect to standard BSP plumbing.
Includes 5 meters of Polyethylene Tubing to plumb.
Quick Connections make it easy to remove and replace cartridges.
Mounting Brackets hold the unit securely while mounted in a convenient location.
Included Membrane Housing Wrench makes removing the cap easy.
Membrane flush kit to extend the life of the RO Membrane.
Auto Shut Off Valve prevents unnecessary water loss.

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Coral Box Carbon Filter Stage 2


The Stage 2 Coral Box Carbon Filter removes offensive odours, colours and unpleasant tastes.  VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other common chemicals are removed from the water in this stage.

Size (mm): 270 x 70
Stage: 2
Filter pore size: 5 micron
Operating Pressure: 60 psi

Coral Box Sediment Filter Stage 1


The Stage 1 Coral Box Sediment Filter removes sand, silt, dust and rust particles which are trapped in the filter which also extends the life of the system and the RO membrane.  Quick connect fittings and dual filter clips make removal and replacement easy and fast.

Size (mm): 270 x 70
Stage: 1
Filter pore size: 5 micron
Operating Pressure: 60 psi