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Quick Connect Y 1/4 inch


The Quick Connect Y fitting splits a single 1/4 inch RO tube into two 1/4 inch RO tubes allowing you to divide the water flow into two or combine two separate water supplies into one.  The quick connect fitting requires no tool for installation.  Polypropylene construction.

RO High Pressure Switch 1/4 inch


The most common application of the RO High Pressure Switch is to cut off power to a booster pump when pressure builds up in the RO system triggered by a float valve in a holding tank when it becomes full.

Size (mm): 74 x 64 x 24
Off Pressure: 40 psi
On Pressure: 8-9 psi
Max Pressure: 215 psi
Connection: 1/4 inch Quick Connect

RO Low Pressure Switch 1/4 inch


The RO Low Pressure Switch is typically used for protecting the booster pump from a low pressure situation such as loss of supply water.

Size (mm): 55 x 45 x 35
Off Pressure: 10-14 psi
On Pressure: 40 psi
Max Pressure: 65 psi
Connection: 1/4 inch Quick Connect

RO Membrane Housing


This RO Membrane Housing is used to hold 12 inch reverse osmosis membranes.  Both the ribbed cap and housing are one-piece injection moulded parts and when screwed together are sealed with an O-Ring.

Size (inch): 2.5 x 12
Material: Polypropylene
Inlet Port: 1/8 inch female thread
Product Out Port: 1/8 inch female thread
Waste Out Port: 1/8 inch female thread
Max Pressure (psi): 100

Stage 1 Coral Box Sediment Filter


The Stage 1 Coral Box Sediment Filter removes sand, silt, dust and rust particles which are trapped in the filter which also extends the life of the system and the RO membrane.  Quick connect fittings and dual filter clips make removal and replacement easy and fast.

Size (mm): 270 x 70
Stage: 1
Filter pore size: 5 micron
Operating Pressure: 60 psi