CO2 Scrubber Top Cover



CO2 Scrubber Top Cover

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Reef Octopus CO2 Scrubber to draw out moisture from the skimmer body and extend the life of your CO2-absorbent media, giving you a more direct and cost-effective way of controlling the pH in your aquarium.

Using this closed-loop system in managing pH will extend the longevity of the media compared to a non-closed-loop system. It can also be used as a lid for Ozone use when used in conjunction with a media reactor with granular activated carbon.



  • Cup Size: 120mm
  • Compatible Skimmers: Classic 110-S, Classic 110-INT, Classic 110-EXT, SRO-1000INT.


  • Cup Size: 150mm
  • Compatible Skimmers: Classic 150-S, Classic 152-S, Classic 150-INT, Classic 150-EXT, Regal 150-S, Regal 150-INT, Elite 150-S, Elite 150-INT.


  • Cup Size: 200mm
  • Compatible Skimmers: Classic 202-S, Classic 200-INT, SRO-3000EXT, SRO-3000INT, Regal 200-S, Regal 200-INT, Regal 200-E, Elite 200-S, Elite 200-INT.


  • Cup Size: 220mm
  • Compatible Skimmers: Elite 220-S, Elite 220-INT.

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C2C-120, C2C-150, C2C-200, C2C-220