Coral Box D500 PLUS Protein Skimmer


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Coral Box D500 Plus Protein Skimmer

The new Coral Box D500 Plus Protein Skimmer is an affordable DC skimmer powered by a DCA-2000 pump with a needle-wheel impeller for maximum aeration. The water output and pump speed are all adjustable allowing for precise set up and tuning.

The cone shaped body with the new arch design increases bubble reaction time as they rise smoothly up and discharge the waist into the collection cup.  The new spiral diffusing plate creates a cyclone that evenly distributes bubbles for maximum efficiency.

The pump has 8 operating speeds to adjust the flow rates and features slow start-up mode.  The pump is extremely silent and achieves high performance efficiency at low power consumption.  Includes a level switch in the collection cup to switch the pump off and prevent waste from overflowing.  Increased feeding time options for 10, 30 and 50 minutes.

The Coral Box D500 Plus works on medium to well stocked tank up to 650 litres in total water volume.

Pump Features:

8 Speed Controller
Automatic power-off protection with no water
Motor protection if impeller is blocked
Quiet operation
No copper components
Wear resistant ceramic shaft for longer operating life
Setting is retained if power is lost
Feeding mode with options for 10, 30 and 50 minutes

Skimmer Features:

Solid Acrylic construction
comfortable maintenance
Cone shaped barrel with arch design
Silent air intake
Adjustable water outlet
Large collection cup with drain
Variable flow rate means adjustable water level in the cone body
Level sensor in the collection cup


Pump Model: Jebao DCA-2000
Watt: 6W to 15W
Pump Capacity: 600 to 2000 Litres/hour
Size (mm): 210 x 210 x 520
Air Intake 720 Litres/hour
Water level(mm): 150-300

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