Coupling (SxS) Clear Acrylic


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Coupling (SxS) Clear Acrylic

Please note this product is DIN Standard and not compatible to sch40, sch80 or standard pressure plumbing

These clear acrylic couplings are available in 3 sizes, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.



Sanking plumbing systems are suitable for low-pressure piping and has the advantages of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, light weight, etc.  Suitable for systems not exceeding 60 degrees Celcius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). PVC cement/solvent is needed for bonding the fittings and pipes.  

It is widely adopted in industry such as pure water system, irrigation, chemical industry, drinking water, swimming pool, aquarium, aquaculture.

For the last 24 years Sanking has maintained strict quality control and has comply with ISO standards.

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20mm, 25mm, 32mm