DIY Auto Top Off


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DIY Auto Top Off

Automatically replenish evaporated water and control levels in aquarium or sump with this handy Gravity Fed DIY Auto Top Off.  Great for small to medium aquariums with less than 2 litres evaporation per week.  Simply screw on a regular water or soda bottle on to the dispencer and cut the tubing to the length needed. Be sure to cut the shortest tube to your desired water level and mount the dispencer to the enge of you aquarium or sump.

How it works

When water falls below the end of the level pipe the vacuum is released which allows water to drain from the  bottle into the tank through the drain pipe and air to flow into the bottle through the level pipe. When the water level rises and covers the end of the level pipe water flow stops draining as the vacuum is re-established.


Size: 75mm x 25mm
Volume: fits most 600ml to 2.25l bottles available in New Zealand
Bracket: Maximum 15mm tank glass