Electric Multi-Function Vacuum and Gravel Cleaner


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Electric Multi-Function Vacuum and Gravel Cleaner

This is a Multi-function Vacuum and Gravel Cleaner that can be used for a water changes, gravel cleaning, and removing detritus. No manual siphoning or annoying mess to clean up.

This electric powered cleaner enables you to clean the gravel substrate in your aquarium with ease, independently of your regular of water changes. The suction power of the cleaner is designed to remove waste and debris, trapping it in the fine filter mesh while allowing the water to pass through back to the aquarium. The filter is simple to remove for a quick and easy cleanout process.

With a simple change from the filter to the water outlet fitting, water can be directed to a hose (not included) for quick and easy water changes. The Duckbill Suction nozzle is used to remove debris and fish waist at the bottom of the aquarium or sump.

The assembly is very simple and requires no tools. Parts can be easily assembled or disassembled to meet your different needs.


3-in-1 unit for quick clean-ups or complete aquarium maintenance
Decreases the build-up of harmful toxins in your aquarium while reducing strain on your filter
Fast and convenient installation and disassembly
Sponge filter traps debris while remaining easy to clean
Easily removes particles from topmost layer of substrate without disturbing the bottom layer
Motor is equipped with a ceramic shaft for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
Perform rapid water changes with the 800L/H pump that has a lift of 1.6m
Flow adjustment valve to increase or reduce suction
Comes with 2 clasps to fix power cord to pipes
Independent switch: configured with one button to start, easy to use
Extend the length with 1 to 3 extension pipes for the correct height of the fish tank
Sure-Grip non-slip handles


Power: 16w
Voltage: 220V
Maximum lift: 1.6M
Maximum flow: 800L/H
Power cord length: 2.5M
Size: 790mm to 1025mm

What’s Included?

  • Sure-Grip Handle
  • Flow Adjustment Valve
  • Water Outlet
  • Sponge Filter
  • Downpipe
  • 3 x Extension Pipes
  • Motor With Power Switch
  • 2 x Cord Clasps
  • Sand Washing Nozzle
  • Extension Nozzle
  • Duckbill Suction Assembly


The water pump must be completely submerged in water.
Do not suck up large sand particles or muddy water to prevent blocking the rotor.