Electric Siphon and Gravel Cleaner


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Electric Siphon and Gravel Cleaner

With its 2 in 1 design, the Electric Siphon and Gravel Cleaner is both a gravel cleaner and water changer system for quick and easy cleaning without manual siphoning or annoying mess to clean up.

This electric powered gravel cleaner enables you to clean the gravel substrate in your aquarium with ease, independently of your regular of water changes. The suction power of the cleaner is designed to remove waste and debris, trapping it in the fine filter mesh while allowing the water to pass through back to the aquarium. With a simple change to the filter cartridge the water can be directed to a hose (not included) for water changes. The filter compartment is simple to remove for a quick and easy cleanout process.

Features of the Electric Siphon and Gravel Cleaner:

Two mode operation, suction or water change
Removable filter cartridge for east cleaning
Ideal for complete aquarium cleaning or quick spot maintenance
Easily removes particles from topmost layer of substrate without disturbing the bottom layer
Decreases the build-up of harmful toxins in your aquarium while reducing strain on your filter
This unit can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
The telescopic structure allows the unit to be used in water depths between 20cm and 76cm

What’s Included?

Main unit with pump and filter cartridge
Telescopic tubes
2 x inlet funnel
Spare filter mesh
Water Change insert


Voltage: 220V
Power: 6W
Pump Lift: 0.7m
Flow Rate: 350L/h
Max Depth: 76cm
Min Depth: 20cm
Unit Length: 41.5cm
Cable Length: 240cm


The water pump must be completely submerged in water.
The max water level must not exceed 76cm
Do not suck up large sand particles or muddy water to prevent blocking the rotor.