FS50 – 1/2 inch Flow Sensor 12mm


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FS50 – 1/2 inch Flow Sensor 12mm

Measuring the flow of your aquarium’s main return pump is an incredibly useful piece of information. The key benefit would be to have the Apex notify you the instant the flow stops for any reason — usually the result of a failed or faulty pump. Furthermore, an indication of a reduced flow rate could be used to determine that the pump or the lines are dirty or are becoming clogged with algae, debris, animals, or the growth of organisms inside your plumbing.

Usually used with a return pump, this flow sensor can be placed in line with the flow on any pipe, connected to the FMM, and communicate to your Apex the flow rate of water through that pipe. The flow sensor itself uses British Standard Parallel Pipe (BSPP) threads.

What’s Included:

1x 1/2″ (~12mm) Flow Sensor Only


FMM Module required for use.