GHL Mitras LX 7206 White


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GHL Mitras LX 7206 White

Sleek, Modernized Design – The Mitras LX7

The Mitras LX 7000 series is an ultra-bright LED full-spectrum light with an enormous power density (versions 7006/7206 with up to 195 W) that ensures natural brilliant colours (CRI> 95), uniform illumination, and radiant brightness in your aquarium. Equipped with the innovative GHL Power Balancing Technology, the maximum power of LEDs can be divided into different colour channels as needed.

With its incomparably high photosynthetic efficiency, the Mitras LX 7000 series is unique in the market, achieved by carefully assembled high-power LEDs.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the luminaires are characterized by the latest in LED technology and is incredibly efficient and durable. Compared to conventional lighting technology, this luminaire can save approx. 50% energy costs per year.

The elegant Mitras LX7 is designed to be used as pendant lights over open aquariums. The installation above the basin can easily be done with the stylish Mitras Flex Mount System or GHL Hanging Kit. Mitras LX7 may not be used in a closed aquarium below a cover. The clearance between aquarium and Mitras LX 7 must beat least 20 cm (7.9″).

Features and Benefits:

Excellent Light Performance – Full-spectrum luminaire uniquely mixes light to provide plants and corals with high photosynthetic efficiency which promote the lush growth of plants and corals.

Selected High-Power LEDs – Interchangeable LED clusters, hyper violet (HV) and UV – LEDs, LED life > 80,000 hours, Specially selected LEDs from Cree® and OSRAM® of the latest generation (e.g. XPG3, XPE2, Oslon). LEDs are operated at the highest efficiency and intentionally not operated at the maximum possible current. Operating at the max possible current significantly reduces the LED life and energy efficiency. Mitras LX 7 incorporates a larger number of LEDs at reduced power and maximum efficiency. Choose between 2 operation modes: High Output Mode (maximum light output) and High Efficiency Mode (good light output with high efficiency)

High Performance Reflectors – Instead of using LED lenses that cause light loss, we use special, metal-coated high-performance reflectors made from the same materials used for space technology to maximize light efficiency, increase light spread, optimally blend LED colours, and minimize light loss.

Homogenous Light Distribution – In order to ensure optimum illumination, the LEDs were arranged in 2 x 3 evenly distributed clusters. The LEDs in each cluster were then placed as closely as possible. Specially coated high performance reflectors additionally ensure a homogenous and natural light impression. The special protective cover is made of translucent plastic allowing 92% light transmittance.

Innovative Cooling System – The innovative cooling system (active, passive, and controlled by a microprocessor) ensures reliable protection against overheating for maximum luminosity of LEDs and a particularly long service life (> 80,000 hours).

Manifold Dimming Functions – Very fine Dimming by GHL Perfect Dimming Technology® with over 4000 dimming levels and a dimming ratio of 3000: 1 per light channel (colour). All 9 LED–channels are separately dimmable in up to 4000 steps

Variable Light Spectrum – The professional and free PC operating software GHL Control Center (GCC) allows you to conveniently operate and configure your Mitras® LX7 with the PC. With GCC, you can easily create your desired illumination program. Light color and illumination intensity can be programmed to vary over the course of the day.

Graphical Display – The graphical display gives you a quick overview of the current operating conditions of the luminaire.

Control Panel – The control panel of the luminaire and its back-lit capacitive buttons offer quick and easy operation. Tasks such as changing settings or starting special effects such as thunderstorm simulation can be accomplished from the graphic display.

Master and Slave Operation – The integrated control and the built-in radio module allows each Mitras to be used as master to control several lights or as slave to be controlled by a master or ProfiLux

Connectivity – Connect the Mitras LX via the cloud (myGHL), your smartphone, or your computer – built-in WiFi and USB offers you all the connection options you need.


Mitras LX 7206 has 6 clusters (Total of 72 LEDs)

9 separately dimmable colors, LEDs within each cluster:

  • 2 x Cree XP-E2 blue,
  • 2 x Cree XT-E Cool White,
  • 2 x Cree XT-E Royal Blue,
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL true green,
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Sky White,
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Blue-White,
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Hyper red,
  • 1 x Hyper Violet,
  • 1 x Ultra Violet

Operating Mode – High Efficienct:

  • Watt – 130 W
  • Area – water depth 77cm, bottom 82cm x 55cm

Operating Mode – High Output:

  • Watt – 195 W
  • Area – water depth 88cm, bottom 88cm x 58cm

Light Dimensions (L x W x H): 324 mm x 200 mm x 42 mm

Power Supply Dimensions: 245 mm x 68 mm x 40 mm

Light Weight: 2.4 kg

Power Supplty Weight: 1.3 kg

Cable length: light to powersupply 3m, powersupply to outlet 2m.