Glass Poppy Pipe Outflow 16mm


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Glass Poppy Pipe Outflow 16mm

Are you tired of staring at those ugly plastic hoses and filter intakes sitting inside your tank?

Well, a glass inflow and outflow pipe is exactly what you are looking for and we have a number of options for both, including the surface skimming option. This nearly invisible piece of equipment replaces all the plastic distractions in your tank, allowing you to recreate a more natural environment for your fish and yourself.

This Poppy Pipe is made with the highest quality glass and are all artistically hand-blown unique pieces. Outstanding quality does not need to be expensive and these glass pipes combine quality with a very good price.

These glass pipes are designed to transport the water to and from the external canister filter. Due to the fact that the glass pipe combined with water is nearly invisible means the aquascape will shine in its full splendour without focusing on the technical equipment of the aquascape.

The moderate water flow of Glass Poppy Pipe is ideal for the growth of aquatic plants and improves the water surface movement slightly. The flow of the outflow pipe will additionally improve the gas and nutrient exchange in the aquascape.

An outflow pipe can also be used for aeration at night when raised slightly above the waterline which will create more surface movement to eliminate surface scum and raises the oxygen level in the aquascape.

The inflow and outflow Pipes are available in 12mm and 16mm option for the small and large aquascapes. Delivered with two quality suction cups.


Outflow Poppy Pipe
Suitable for 16/22 mm hoses.
Made of high-quality glass
Provides for a constant water movement
Visually very appealing
The necessary suction cups are included