Ice Tower Fountain Nozzle


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Ice Tower Fountain Nozzle

This quality brass fountain nozzle is commonly called an Ice Tower Fountain Nozzle which produces a thick, frothy column of water. The nozzle is mounted on the top of a guide tube and flushed with the water level. This is a water-level dependent nozzle so you need a constant water level and need to adjust the nozzle so it is correctly positioned to allow for the venturi effect to add air into the rising geyser. The giant water column has a strong wind resistance which makes it widely used in square or public places.

The installation will only require PVC pipe and fittings to attach it to a submersible pump. Performance is directly affected by the pumps flow rate so a higher LPH will give higher and wider spray patterns.


Length: 92 mm
Diameter: 40 mm
Inlet: 20mm Male thread, 15mm Female thread
Operating Pressure (KPa): 40-100
Flow (m3/h): 3-5
Jet Height (m): 1-3
Coverage (cm): 20