Jebo Reef Twin DC Fan


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Jebo Reef Twin DC Fan

Jebo Reef Twin DC Fan helps prevent your aquarium from overheating and are especially important if you do not have an aquarium chiller. The heat generated by multiple powerheads, skimmers, return pumps and aquarium lighting can easily cause temperatures in your aquarium to rise to levels that are detrimental to fish and corals.

It should be noted that cooling fans are not as efficient as aquarium chillers, but they will help to lower tank temperatures by 2 or 4 degrees. An aquarium chiller is still a necessity if you battling with rising temperatures.

How do cooling fans help to lower water temperature? Cooling fans lower water temperature by promoting evaporation, venting warm or hot air from cabinets and lights.

Fans can be directed to blow across the surface of the water causing evaporation and lowering the water temperature in an aquarium.  A major downside of using cooling fans is that evaporation increases greatly, requiring that freshwater or RO/DI water be replenished.

Having one or more cooling fans directed upward at a metal halide pendant or T5 light fixture blows heat from the bulbs away from the surface of the water, easing the burden on the chiller. Cooling fans used in this way may even extend the life of the aquarium lights and ballast.

Used with a timer, the fans can be turned on or off automatically to coincide with the lighting schedule.


Two fans
Adjustable mounting brackets
Can reduce temperatures by 2 to 4 Degrees
Easy installation and low heat
Low power usage
New Design for noiseless!
Suitable for aquariums up to 80 litres


Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz / DC12V
Power: 5.5W
Fan Size (mm): 174 x 152 x 65
Rotation Speed: 2800RPM
Noise: Below 40db


The Jebo Reef Twin DC Fan may be used in combination with the Aquacool Fan Controller to automate the turning on and off of the fan when temperature rises and falls.