Ludwigia Repens – 4 Long Stems


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Ludwigia Repens

Approx. 20-25cm long submerged grown stems with roots

Ludwigia Repens is an easy plant to keep, making it a great option for aquarium geeks who want to add colour to their aquascape without the hassle associated with colourful plants. Ludwigia Repens makes a good midground plant in the average aquarium, or even placed as a background in the smaller aquarium. Their vivid colour of oval leaves that grow in alternating pairs along a tilted stem create a superb focal point. The leaves are gold, orange, or red, depending on tank conditions and are very attractive when planted in bunches of 10-12 stems.

Ludwigia Repens is a versatile plant, but to get the desirable bright colours, you must provide high lighting and nutrient levels. High iron content will bring out more red tones in the plant. CO2 injection is not required for the cultivation of this plant but can help it grow more robustly. The plant can be grown submerged or emerged, but it is much more difficult to cultivate in the emersed form.

Propagation can be achieved by taking cuttings from the main stem of the plant that are replanted into the substrate.  Be sure to remove the leaves from the last node on the bottom of the stem to insure proper root growth.

Plant Info:

  • Type: Stem
  • Family Name: Onagraceae
  • Origin: North and Central American
  • Care: Moderate
  • Light demand: Moderate
  • CO2 : Low
  • Growth rate: Fast
  • Height (cm): 10 – 30
  • Propagation: Cuttings