Rotala Rotundifolia – 12 Stems


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Rotala Rotundifolia

Rotala rotundifolia from South-East Asia has 15-30 long stems (2-3 cm wide) and long, narrow leaves. Unlike other Rotala species it is relatively undemanding, although it needs good light to produce red leaves. It forms side shoots willingly, becoming compact and bushy. This also means that it is hard for light to reach the lower leaves, so the plant should be pruned frequently. Also known as Rotala indica.

Price for 6 stems, grown submerged.

Plant Info:

  • Package: 12 submerged grown stems arox. 20cm long
  • Type: Stem
  • Origin: Asia
  • Growth rate: Medium
  • Height: 15 – 30+
  • Light demand: Low to Medium
  • CO2 : Low