Pro Aquascaping Kit 6pcs


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Pro Aquascaping Kit 6pcs 

This Pro Aquascaping Kit 6pcs will help you setup your planted aquarium and keep it in great shape without a drawer full of tools.  Precision made with stainless surgical steel in an attractive finish, this sturdy 30cm 6 Piece Pro Aquascaping Kit comes in a handy black storage case and includes:

1 x Curved Tip Scissors, 30cm
1 x Straight Scissors, 30cm
1 x Curve Tip Tweezers, 30cm
1 x Straight Tweezers, 30cm
1 x Double Ended Sand Flattener, 30cm
1 x Aquatic Holding Forceps, 30cm

Sand Flattener:

Sand flattener is used to make substrate flat and consistent during tank installation and to maintain layout of substrate. Large and small ends allow varied detail work.


These professional series tweezers are designed for ease of planting and maintenance in planted aquariums.  The curve tip tweezers are designed to assist planting in more difficult areas of the aquascape, between driftwood and stones.


The curved and straight scissors will make your plant pruning a breeze! With finger loops specifically designed for comfort, the sharpness of these blades is ideal for trimming plants with minimal damage to delicate molecules.


These Forcepts allow you to maintaining a good grip as you make your cuts or while you secure items to the hardscape.


Designed for freshwater aquarium use only.
Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, highly abrasive cleaners or detergents.
Rinse & Dry after every use.