Resun EF-1200 Canister Filter 1200 L/Hr


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Resun Canister Filter EF-1200

The Resun Canister Filter EF-1200 is a reliable and powerful filtering system with good performance, low power consumption and low noise. Provides for a fast breakdown of harmful substances through mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

Dirty aquarium water is drawn from the aquarium via an inlet tube through a strainer, then passes through layers of graded filter sponge where most of the solids are removed mechanically. Once through the filter sponge the water has to flow through two other chambers filled with biological and chemical filter media. Biological filtration takes place in the compartments containing Bio Balls and Ceramic Rings where beneficial biological bacteria is cultivated. Chemical purification takes place in the chamber containing a Carbon Impregnated Sponge before the water reaches the motor where it is pumped back into the aquarium via a spray bar that helps re-oxygenate the water. Additional activated carbon or other filter media for removing ammonia and nitrite can also be placed in one of the 3 removable filter compartments

The Resun Canister Filter EF-1200 is equipped with a Quick release Valve System which allows you to remove the filter for cleaning from the aquarium without moving any of the pipework and without any drips or loss of water.


Removable inlet/outlet combo makes cleaning convenient
Quite operations
Modern design with high flow rate
Includes siphon start
Mechanical, chemical, biological media baskets bring max filtration capacity
Powerful flow rate with ceramic shaft ideal for saltwater or fresh water
Purifies the water in a bottom-to-top method through 3 baskets
Compact, simple installation, and water leak proof structure
Heavy duty, durable and reliable


Voltage: 220-240V (Using NZ Plug)
Power: 30W
Output: 1200L/hr
Diameter of inlet: 19mm
Diameter of outlet: 16mm
Rating: Continuous
Size (mm): 240 x 240 x 405


Canister and pump head
Quick release valve system
3 filter baskets
Cover for filter basket
Rigid Inlet and outlet tube
Spray Bar
Inlet Strainer
1.5 meter inlet Hose
1.5 meter Outlet Hose
Bio balls
Ceramic cylinders
Carbonised sponge
Filter sponge
Suction cups

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