sera Betta Aquatan


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sera Betta Aquatan

Water conditioner for betta friendly water rich in minerals

Immediately removes chlorine and chloramines
Binds heavy metals
With mineral substances

sera betta aquatan immediately conditions tap water according to the requirements of bettas and other labyrinth fish. It removes harmful substances such as chlorine and chloramines, binds heavy metals (e.g. copper, zinc or lead) and protects against ammonia. At the same time, it adds important mineral substances in a bioavailable form to the water, which is to the benefit of bettas:

  • Calcium for a strong, well proportioned skeleton and flawless scales
  • Magnesium for strong growth and muscles
  • Manganese for healthy growth and improved fertility
  • Iodine for a balanced development and better disease resistance

By doing so, betta aquatan ensures optimal living conditions for all bettas and other labyrinth fish.

Particularly well suited for nano aquariums and the breeding of bettas.