sera Floredepot 2.4kg


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sera Floredepot 2.4kg

sera floredepot is placed underneath the actual bottom ground (sand, gravel) when setting up the aquarium. The balanced blend of sand, peat, essential nutrients and trace elements allows plants to grow on quickly. Also, the plants are supplied with nutrients during the first phase (4 – 6 weeks).

The formation of strong roots is supported by the special structure of the bottom ground.

Plants are an important component of the aquarium. Besides their decorative effect, they structure the tank and provide hideaways for the animals kept in it, thus creating a low stress environment close to nature.

Furthermore, they withdraw numerous pollutants and algae nutrients from the water. A biological equilibrium establishes more quickly and more stable in tanks with healthy and strongly growing plants.

Maintenance efforts are considerably reduced. The water remains algae free and clean. The extensive sera plant care range allows tailor-made and user friendly supply so the aquarium plants can optimally fulfill their tasks. Functional bottom ground, as it is created by sera floredepot and sera Professional floreground, is the basis of self purification abilities and plant growth. sera floredepot consists of a balanced blend of peat, active pellets and sand particularly rich in minerals which releases important nutrients, rare trace elements and growth supporting vital substances lastingly and in a well dosed way.

The initial growth phase is made considerably easier and healthy root growth is supported. The porous active pellets are ideally suited as a settling area for purification bacteria, the filter performance of the bottom ground is therefore considerably increased.

Due to the special structure of sera floredepot, the bottom ground is lastingly loosened, and rot zones are avoided. The tank thus remains more stable and cleaner, and the bottom ground needs to be replaced considerably less frequently.

2.4kg suitable for 50 litres or 4.7kg for 100!


Additionally use sera Professional floreground for maximum loosening and filter performance.

In case of new aquarium setups or of bottom ground replacement, sera floredepot is distributed directly on the bottom of the aquarium in a layer approximately 2 cm (0.8 in.) thick. A well covering layer (at least 4 cm (1.6 in.)) rinsed aquarium gravel or sand is placed on top. In case the high performance bottom ground sera Professional floreground is additionally used, it must be placed on the bottom underneath the sera floredepot layer.