sera Professional Floreground


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sera Professional Floreground

Sera Professional Floreground is an ideal granulate for substructure in the base structure of an aquarium.

Sera Professional Floreground is a special active soil primer, which improves the oxygen supply in the subsurface and thus extends the life of the aquarium floor.

Sera Professional Floreground is a special active substrate for the foundation of the soil in an aquarium. The special granules increase the supply of oxygen in the soil and thus improve the filter performance and bacterial activity of the aquarium substrate. Due to its special nature, sera Professional Floreground prevents the formation of harmful fouling gases in the soil substrate.

In addition, the roots of the aquarium plants are protected from serious damage and the life of the ornamental soil introduced above can be lengthened in the aquarium (for example, sand or gravel).

Organic remainders are broken down to plant nutrients and thus ensure splendid and healthy aquarium plants. The content of one bucket (2.0 l) is sufficient for an aquarium with approx. 60 litres of water.