Siporax Pond Protect Professional 2.8kg


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Siporax Pond Protect Professional 2.8kg

Abrasion proof high performance filter medium for all pond filter setups

sera Siporax Pond Protect Professional is the biological filter medium with a protecting ball preventing abrasion, which was specially developed for use in filter setups with strong water agitation. The outer cover protects the internal siporax ring and directs the water current directly into it. Water flow through the sintered glass ring is therefore even more effective, and nitrification performance of the filter bacteria is increased by maximum oxygen intake.

Dosage depends on fish density. 145 spheres are required per each 1,000 grams of fish. In a moderately stocked pond with approximately 200 g of fish and a maximum stock of 1,000 g fish per each 1,000 liters pond volume, the 10 liter pack with 210 spheres is sufficient for 1,500 to 7,300 liters.

For an easy calculation of the requirements, the weight of the fish (in grams) is multiplied by the factor 0.145. This tells the number of spheres required.


sera pond crystal clear Professional is the ideal addition to mechanical filtration. The innovative, patented three-dimensional fiber structure removes even smallest particles above 10 µm (e.g. floating algae, sludge) in shortest time.