SunSun External Heater EH-300


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SunSun External Heater EH-300

Wouldn’t it be great if your heater could be hidden away from view and externally heating your aquarium. The SunSun EH-300 External heater allows you to do exactly that.

These heaters can be connected in-line to a return pipe on an external filter to heat the water returned to the aquarium and provide a more consistent temperature in the aquarium. These heaters are thermostatically controlled so that they are off when the temperature in the tank is at the desired temperature and on when the temperature drop. Other than the visual aspect the benefit of the in-line heater is the heated water flows back and distributes the heat throughout the aquarium.

The external in-line heater must be installed vertically to prevent bubbles and dry spots. Supplied with 3 different sizes of hose adapters to fit on most external filter hoses.


Easy installation
Fully automated temperature control
For freshwater aquariums.
Fits most external filters


Manufacturer:  SunSun. 
Power:  300 watts. 
Size (mm):  310 x 80 x 90.  
Voltage:  220-240 V.  
For aquariums up to:  300 litres. 
Temperature range: 20 – 35 ° C.
Fits Hoses (ID): 12mm, 16mm and 20mm