Atman 3in1 Atomizer


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Atman 3in1 Atomizer

This Atman 3in1 Atomizer is easy to setup and use in-line with your canister filter or pump.  Safety-NutsR system is designed for lock onto the CO2 tube and water tube for a leak proof fitting, no more loose tubes.  This atomizer is multi functional with 3 sets of fittings (12/16, 16/22 and 19/25) and includes bubbles counter and check valve.

It is adopted from RO technology that can diffuse CO2 into extremely small bubbles that look like a haze.  As a result there is far less CO2 used for the result as other reactors or diffusers.   At an optimal setting the CO2 comes out completely dissolved.  At around 3 bubbles per second (bps) or more a CO2 haze appears from the inlet.

The Atomizer is designed to be used with the pressurised CO2 system and will not work with a DIY sugar and yeast system.


Water Hose: 8/12mm, 12/16mm, 16/22mm
CO2 Tube: 1/4 inch


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