Inline CO2 Diffuser 16mm


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Inline CO2 Diffuser 16mm

This simple, lightweight, space saving inline diffuser is made from high quality aluminium with built-in bubble counter and check valve function, all in one piece! Simply attach inline to the outlet hose of your canister filter and connect the CO2 tubing to the fitting provided.

The inline diffuser produces fine CO2 bubbles that travel up the hose as it dissolves in water optimising the CO2 entering the aquarium for efficient plant absorption and less waste. Improve efficiency by connecting the diffuser close to the canister filter allowing longer contact time for CO2 bubbles to dissolve before exiting the tube. Any undissolved bubbles will piggyback in the flow stream and distribute around the aquarium.


Filter tube size (mm): 16/22
CO2 tube size (mm): 4/6
Ceramic diffusing disk: 20mm
Dimensions (mm): 125 x 65 x 25

Package Includes:

1 x Inline Co2 Diffuser with bubble counter and check valve
1 x Screw
1 x Fixing Clip