CO2 Package for Calcium Reactor


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CO2 Package for Calcium Reactor

This is a CO2 package for your Calcium Ractor. Swap the Eziswap CO2 cylinder when empty and pay only for the price of the gas

More information about Eziswap Gas available here

Eziswap Gas

Package includes:

Professional CO2 Regulator with Dual Gauges that includes solenoid valve and needle valve
Eziswap 3Kg Full CO2 Cylinder
1 meters clear tubing
Weipro pH controller – PH-2010

Regulator Features:

A decompress pressure gate
Magnetic solenoid valve can be operated with a timer to switch the CO2 on and off.
Precision needle valve to accurately adjust the CO2 rate into the aquarium
Nano Spiral diffuser with bubble counter
Compatible with all NZ Co2 Cylinders from 2kg to 30kg
Thread fitting is British  BS341  No. 8 / Australian AS2473 Type 30

Weipro PH-2010 Features:

Large LED Display
Real-time pH testing operation
Simple Operation for monitoring pH levels
Durable and Reliable
Ideal for Salt Water and Freshwater
Includes PH calibration solution
The controller can power the CO2 on and off to control the PH value