Bacopa Monnieri – 10 Stems


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Bacopa Monnieri

This is a popular aquarium plant and can be great for beginners because of its hardy nature and does not need CO2 fertilisation. Suitable for submersed and emersed environments. Under good light conditions, almost a creeping plant. By pinching off all vertical growing shoots, the plant can maintain a low and close growth, since it willingly creates a large number of side shoots. Furthermore, the plant grows well in the shadow of other plants. Very suitable as a bit higher carpet – or bushy plant in the middle or front of the aquarium. The plant becomes more vertical growing and less compact without CO2 additive and decreased light conditions.

For those of you with ponds: Pot this one and place it in a semi-shallow area near the edge and let it creep along the surface of the water and around the edges. If your pond is earth then plant near the edge in the shallow areas.

Price for 10 stems, grown submerged.

Plant Info:

  • Type: Stem
  • Origin: Australia and India
  • Growth rate: Medium
  • Height: 3 – 20+
  • Light demand: Medium
  • CO2 : Low