Coral Box N50 ATO


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Coral Box N50 Auto Top Off

This Coral Box N50 Auto Top Off allows you to automatically replenish evaporated water or refill after a small water change. This handy system allows you to maintain water levels in aquariums and sumps. Water evaporation effects water quality increasing the parts per million (ppm) of dissolved solids which effects pH and salinity levels.

Water from the supply tank can be pumped to a maximum height of 150 cm by the small compact pump that will fit in any container.

The magnetic mounting bracket allows you to easily set the desired water level of a tank/sump when mounted on the glass. The water level in the tank/sump is controlled by a float switch sensor protected by a clear plastic cover that stabilises the water level around the sensor.

This system achieves consistent water conditions along with the standard maintenance activities like cleaning filters and water changes.


DC supply pump – height 1.5m, 150 l/hr
Float switch sensor
Magnetic mounting bracket
1 meter flexible tubing
NZ 12 VDC power adaptor

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